Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I ♥ You Jade

Some may know that the weekend of Thanksgiving my dog Jade was hit by a car. She a little over a year old and was the most playful and loving dog I've ever own, although she is also the first dog that I personally purchased. But instead of dwelling on the fact that she is gone and how much I miss her, I am going to list the top 10 reasons why I loved her.

1. She woke me up every morning with kisses.

2. She talked to me. Not like a human but she was always barking/"moaning" and growling at me to play or just to give her some attention.

3. She listened to me.

4. She was my snuggle buddy. When Mike would be gone for long periods of time she would curl up next to me, even snuggle under the blankets when it was cold and keep me company.

5. She was so funny to try and give a bath to. She would put up the biggest fight and wouldn't let me near her when she was done, but the challenge was alway entertainging.

6. Every morning when I'd feed her she would follow me to see what I was going to do next, then when she thought all was well with me she'd run back to her food and eat.

7. She secured the perimiter at the house. Some nights she would run around the house barking at every door or window then go lay down.

8. She could lick stuff off the counter. As much as I hated it at the time, now looking back it was always funny to catch her and have her continue to lick with wide eyes.

9. She had dreams. While she slept she would growl, twich and huff as she was chasing something in her dreams

10. She was my best friend.

I ♥ you Jade

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here We Go!

Well life has been crazy for me.

I got a job as a server. It's not my ideal job but it'll do for now. I am just happy to be getting out of the house. As much as I love hanging out with Jade and the good ole TV, I have been hit with the biggest cabin fever I have EVER felt. So thank God that I now have a job :)

I am also leaving for about 10 days (before I start my job) to go on a Carribbean Cruise! I am so stoked! Having all that time with the Hubsters will be amazing. Especially since he just got back from 2 months of teaching Cadets in NY. And I am really going to have to enjoy it because come to find out that over the next 3 months he will only be here for a little over 3 weeks. It blows sometimes, with always having him gone like this. And yes for those of you who know he's missing our anniversary again. Last year was because of Ranger School, this year is training and it looks like next year will be due to deployment. Oh the joy's of being married to the military.

On the upside we've found a way to cope with him being gone.... We have decided to drop Verizon Wireless (not my plan) and switch to AT&T so that we can have the new Iphone4! I am so excited. I only wanted it for the new video calls that you can do on it. So it's like skype but where ever you go! SO SA WEET!!! We're hoping that this will help a lot with us not being physically together. But with us seeing eachother. I'll let you know how it goes. The phones are on backorder right now but we should have them by August 9th. WA HOO!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So I have to admit to day was a GREAT day! It started with lovely kisses from Jade. She really had to pee and instead of stepping on me (which is what usually happens) she gave me kisses.

I then decided that today is a good day to go job hunting. And although I despise this task with a passion, I was pleasently surprised by only having to go to one place. And while there I had two interviews and set up for a third. I am not trying to get too excited before I hear "you're hired" but I feel that if you make it to round three then it's looking fairly good for your cause.

Then after a quick nap I headed to dinner with some great girl friends. I almost forgot what a good meal added with great girls was like. It's a piece of heaven that you can experience for a couple hours.

And finally this night was topped off with a 7 minute phone call from the Hubsters. Yup that's right it's the first "long" conversation I've had with him in over a week! I am so happy to say that in 11 days I will be able to be in his arms again. Every part of my brain is telling me not to get too excited that's it's so close because then time will seem to stop altogether and take FOR EVER to pass. But my heart can't help it and I start feeling like a little girl all giddy inside.

So yes to day was definitely a GREAT day!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life is like...

So many of you are probably thinking (due to the title) "That life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get". And I've never really known this to be actually true until I "married the military". Don't get me wrong I love the military. It's full of great people that make this country great. However, things are so unpredictable with the military, it makes life stressful. I mean what kind of career can you start when you move every 1-3 years? I've noticed that people don't want to hire you because you or your spouse is in the military. (At least not the ones for my degree) It's lame.

So I think I have a solution....

I am going to start my own business (as soon as I can get my husband on board :D ). I want to possible start a bakery. I think this is something that I'd be pretty good at. But for starters, I am going to look for local classes that I can take, and possibly even buy those "DIY" kits that teaches you on your own time. (and seeing as how i'm jobless I have plenty of time). I just wanted to throw it out there and see what people think. But remember it's only talk right now... If something comes of it I'll be sure to mention something on here about it.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
- Harriet Tubman

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just because I'm family...

Just because I'm family does NOT mean that:

1. You can walk all over me.

2. Expect me to be at your beck and call when I'm on VACATION.

3. I am willing to help but a "Please" and "Thank you" are ALWAYS welcome.

4. Even though I love you it doesn't mean that I will agree with you or want to do things your way.

I love my family dearly but sometimes I feel like I am being taken for granted. As much as I want to please them, I'd rather be happy. I know that sometimes family needs help and I am willing to give in what I can.. but when I'm the only one, or one of the few, in a HUGE family like mine it makes me upset. Why can't life be all rainbows and butterflies?

But on the upside.. I have to say that I have some of the most AMAZING sisters anyone could ask for, and I'm sure right about now they are feeling just as "used" as I am. At least we're in it together.

Sister to sister we'll always be, A couple of nuts from our family tree.

- Author Unknown

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working on things

Well life has been pretty hectic lately. Even though I don't have a job, which I'm thinking it's about time to get one, I've been running around like crazy! Between going from CO to AZ and back and getting Mike ready to go train some cadets, I feel like I've been working a job.

Before Mike's company left they had a Company BBQ that was fun. It was a time to meet some of the people he works with. They had a dessert contest which I applied for. I made Ranger Pops.

My sister gave me a great idea that you bake a cake and roll it into little balls, dip them in chocolate and decorate however you want. I had a lot of fun doing them, unfortunately they didn't last long in the 95 degree weather we were having that day. SO they became a melted mess. And above all the dessert that one was RICE CRISPY TREATS!!! Now I couldn't be wrong on this but can't 3 year olds make those? I mean come on! Oh well, at least I know what to make for the next one.
I've been thinking that I want to home make my gifts for christmas this year, but I am not sure what I am going to do. We'll have to wait and see! I'll try to keep that posted as well
A people that values its privilages above its principles soon loses both.
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roller Coasters of Emotion = NO FUN

So obviously I've been a bit neglectful when it came to keeping up with this. I had a couple issues, but we'll see soon what plays out with them. This last week has been happy and sad, a definite roller coaster of emotion. I have been trying to deal with them on the "inside" but now I'm writing them down. For no other reason than to have it out there and make myself feel better. And NOT like I'm carrying a heavy burden.

SO... it started when Jade decided that she would down a bottle of perscription strength anti-inflammatories. Oh yeah I need to mention that they are for humans and not dogs. So after over a week of vommitting, vet visits, hundreds of dollars and trying to shove 10 pills a day down her throat, she is still puking on occasion, and now she's developed swollen lymph nodes under her jaw line. Please shoot me in the foot now with the bills I will now, in addition to the one's before, have coming after seeing the vet later today!

The upside of the week last week was that it was 24th birthday! Mike bought me some AH MAZIN' cowboy boots and we had a little get together with friends the Saturday before my birthday. It was so much fun, we ate, drank, and played Rock Band through the night. I'm a simple girl I guess, just give me Rock Band and food and I'll be happy for a lifetime.

As much as I hate all the little things that make me feel like I can't catch a break there are may others that make me feel like a million bucks! I guess I just need to keep track of the good times, forget all the bad, and live like a rock star:)